Welcome to Montevacà, a village up in the mountains on the ononimous pass that connects the High Val Taro and the Val Ceno in the province of Parma, a very conserved locality where one can breath that atmosphere of a mountain from the olden times.

The area is part of the tuscan-emilian appennines: From the lowlands south of the “Via Emilia” and arrives to the highlands which confine with the Ligurian and Tuscanys region.

The highest mountains of the area are: Mount Maggiorasca (m.1799); Mount Penna (m.1735); Mount Orsaro (m.1831).

In this immense space the territory is formed by the main valleys of “Ceno”, “Taro” and “Parma”; course of water which has origin at a high quote and opens a passage with a corrosive action that has given origin to the valleys in south/north direction. It is impossible to suggest just one itinerary to take, many are perfectly ideal for reaching the mountains, as they run through sinuose roads   through the mountains, then stretched through the hills. From many points tourists will be able moreover to find marked paths walks or real excursions like the path that joins the Lake “Santo “ with the “Passo della Cisa” step.

The history and the culture of this area are visible in the countries shapes, in the castles and the “pievi” and finally in its rural constructions. As known man has inhabited the defended mountain and villages and the nucleus to the limit of the ancient forest is still alive. Many are met some sull' Parmesan Appennine for the importance of the roads that cross it.

Our trattoria is run directly from the owners, is worthy interpreter of the ancient tastes of the emilian culinary tradition, where the rich menu includes the local Porcinimushrooms and game of the area, fresh home made pasta and tasty hams directly from the farmers of the Taro Valley.

The Trattoria Oppici has a  wide experience in organizing business suppers, birthdays and holy communions.

Call one of these numbers in order to reserve your lunch or supper at the Trattoria Oppici, you will riscoprirete ancient tastes connected of the wonderful Valtaro tradition.

Loc. Montevaccà 4 - Bedonia ( Parma )

Tel. 0525.87116 - cell. 338.2248501

Welcome to Montevacà                                 Bedonia, Valtaro (PR)

Pasta and Soup dishes

  1. -Pansotti in salsa di noce

  2. -Gnocchi al gorgonzola

  3. -Taglioni al tartufo

  4. -Pisarei e Fasö

Main courses

  1. -Deer “in umido”

  2. -Beef tenderloin

  3. -Carpaccio (finely sliced raw beef with oil, lemon and slivers of Parmesan)